Brave Frontier Elements

It’s Like a Pokemon?

In Brave Frontier a big role in the fighting aspect of the game is the use of elements. This takes us back to the world of Pokemon that I grew up as a child. I remember always getting confused what was good against what and what attacks to use against a psychic pokemon in the first generation games. Well guess what? Psychic dominated, so I was screwed from the beginning of the fight. Get an Alakazam and you win the game. But, unlike the first series of Pokemon, in Brave Frontier all elements are strong against something and weak against something else. There is no stupid normal type like a meowth in this game.

Element Circle

The first elements we are going to bring up are what is called the element circle. The elements are fire, earth, water, and thunder. I’m sure you might be able to put two and two together and figure out how the circle goes by yourself, but nonetheless we will go over it to make things simple. The easiest one that most people should know here is that water is strong against fire. Although fire is one of the coolest elements, a drop of water can put it out in a second. I think a main reason it seems so cool is because we know that man invented it in the caveman era also it looks cool as hell (hehe no pun intended). Then we have earth, also known as grass type in the game Pokemon. Well in brave frontier hack that means that earth is weak against fire if it is grass. I’ve noticed it takes longer for earth units to show up in Brave Frontier hack than any other elements of this circle. The next is thunder. This has got to be my favorite element, not sure why, maybe cause I though Jolteon was awesome growing up as a kid. Anyway, thunder is weak against earth. Which when I think about it, that is probably the weirdest thing. You think grass is really going to hurt a lightning bolt? Then there is water. Many people hold this element close to heart because the color blue is a popular one. Of course you can figure out that water doesn’t mix well with electricity and that is why its weakness is thunder in this game. I think my only problem with brave frontier is that it insists on calling it thunder instead of electric or lightning. I mean thunder is only the sound of lightning so it doesn’t make much sense to me.


Light and Dark

The last two elements in the game make a double standard. They are light and dark. They are kind of lame because they are weak against each other in Brave Frontier Hack tool. This resembles the typical psychic weak against psychic in the first pokemon, until they came out with dark type in the next generation. So who knows, maybe they will make a new element soon in Brave Frontier hack.

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